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About Me

My Story


In short, Birmingham Web is me, Deejay O’Flaherty. Birmingham born and bred and still living here.

I was going to write this about page  just like every other “About me” page out there using words like “we” or “us” in the third person. Then I thought, “Nah, let me write this from me to you.

Who Am I?

I am an animal-loving entrepreneur. You will find me sat at my PC, generally with a cat on my lap, and a cup of mocha on my desk, and I will be  building marketing campaigns for small businesses.

I build landing pages that convert at up to 85% opt-in rate. Major News channels in America, featured me on their networks for my work with overseas clients.

I have become profoundly disabled by illness. The landscape for disabled people has changed over the years, and the opportunity for us to live full and productive lives has never been better. I would rather be doing something useful and helping people, (business owners just like you) than sat in front of the TV killing time.


I am friendly, outgoing and I love a good belly laugh.

Having developed technical and computer skills much earlier in life, to be a digital marketer was a natural choice for me to make

I specialise in Social media marketing, but that is not my only skill set. I have built a Facebook page of ten thousand fans with no ads. Not just fans but highly engaged fans. I

The same with generating leads. It’s one thing to generate leads; it is another thing entirely to generate highly qualified and targeted leads. My attention to detail is second to none.

The bottom line is that when I have happy clients, that is not only great for them, but it is also fantastic for me.

I work with all budgets, from one time services like website design, or promo or explainer videos to monthly SEO services, or social media management services and campaigns.


If you are reading this, I take it you are looking to grow your business. I can help you to do that exponentially.  Schedule a time to chat with me by clicking the button below.