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Strategic Marketing With

Deejay O’Flaherty

About Us

Stay Connected To Your Customers No Matter the Circumstances.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, I realised that I needed to figure something out for businesses that could no longer open at their physical location. I set everything else aside to help  local Birmingham business stay afloat during those challenging and dark days for many.

I created and made it possible for companies who have only ever historically all met together under one roof, such as retailers, fitness studios, churches, fill in the blank to keep their business open by using live streaming.

COVID-19 changed the world, and one of those changes is that more businesses are working remotely now more than ever before. And those businesses caught off-guard during the last lockdown are future-proofing themselves by using our streaming service for such unforeseeable events that lie ahead.
This website is the result of months of working tirelessly to keep local companies afloat and I now use it for me and show you how it can work for you.